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need help paying bills

PROUD MAMA25 started this conversation

hi i am a mother of three me and my fiance are trying to make it in this world he has a full time job getting paid min. wage and i am a stay at home mom and i am working on my nuring assistant degree but i am waiting to see if wia will help me pay for that we have 3 kids and its like every time i turn around i am getting disconnected on one of my bills i am trying to get help from people but no one will return my calls and i wake up at 5 in the morning to go wait in a line to get help with heat and i am too late because they only take 20 people, and i try to make an appointment and its a 3 month wait its like you cant catch a break in this economy now and i just need a direction i can go towards my dp&l is getting shut off on the 6th and my vectren is getting shut off on the 14th i just want my family to be ok and have a roof over our heads and not ever be seperated. so if someone has any information on someone that can help my family please help me out my e-mail address is thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

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